Founded in 2005, Xarc is a label printing specialist with sales, service and installation organizations in Finland (Xarc Oy), Sweden (Xarc Sweden AB) and Norway (Xarc AS). We also have a lot of customers around the world. Xarc’s head office and logistics center are located in Lahti, Finland. In the Nordic countries, Xarc employs 32 people.

From the beginning, our idea has been to bring a strong brand to market. One that represents reliable solutions and equipment for printing needs of all sizes. We collaborate with several software houses and create printing solutions for different production environments.

We have created a completely new operating environment between our company and our customers, whereby the threshold for requesting and receiving support is as low as possible. Our service includes the installation and maintenance of all the equipment and software we supply. In addition, we ensure that every user receives comprehensive user training from us. This is how we create an immediate customer relationship right from the start.

We are constantly developing our operations and training our staff. This is how we ensure that our staff is up to date with the ever-evolving changes in technology.

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